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  • The Extrasensory Perception Forum – Learn, share, post and connect right here on
  • The Paranormal Research Society – The Paranormal Research Society is looking for members that are interested in the unusual, and unexplained…
  • National Paranormal Research Association – We are an association of Paranormal research groups. Our goal is to open communication between all types of paranormal researchers so we can share ideas, techniques and stories. Anyone interested in the field can become a member.
  • Parapsychology and Related Sciences – We explore apparitions, hauntings, poltergeist(RSPK), electronic voice phenomena(EVP), near-death experiences(NDEs), out-of-body experiences(OBEs), and reincarnation. These are known as survival topics. Telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, clairvoyance, exceptional human experiences(EHE), and moving things with the mind(PK). These are known as psi. Survival and psi make up the science of parapsychology.
  • Parapsychology SIG of MENSA – This group was formed in 1982 as a forum in which to share the investigation and use of our sixth sense and to understand, develop, and refine our psychic potential. Additionally, this group serves as a “safe haven” in which to openly discuss all aspects of the paranormal, without fear of ridicule. All who are interested in this subject matter are welcome.
  • Frontiers Of The Mind – Do you believe in the power of the mind? Do you believe in the infinite potential of the mind? Is it possible to open doorways in the mind and to discover superconsciousness? This group is dedicated to opening these doorways through practices and exercises.
  • Strange Science – Examining topics such as: Psychic Abilities, Time Travel, Cold Fusion, Paranormal Phenomena, Occult, Eugenics, Astral Projection, UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life, Parapsychology, Alchemy, NDE, Life After Death, etc; Reincarnation, Conspiracies, The Science of Magick, Cryptozoology, Mysticism, Cryonics, Human Transcendence, and other subjects on the edges of science.
  • Parapsychology Forum –
  • Metaphysics, Psychology & Psychic Phenomena Forum –
  • Parapsychology and Alternative Medicine Forums –