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Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis – Why Sub-types Are Important


As in any field of study or discipline, branching is an important requirement in organizing and understanding specific rules and laws that may only apply to one sub-discipline, or in cross sub-disciplines, which would otherwise be lost in the ambiguity of one discipline.

Branching aims to describe complex phenomena (ESP and PK: in this case considered umbrella terms to refer to a plurality of sub-disciplines) through simpler phenomena in the hope of finding a Theory of Psi.

As each psychical sub-discipline is relative to scientific and or philosophical sub-disciplines, each psychical sub-discipline embodies its own specialized terminology and laws.

When attempting to approach complex phenomena (a wide range of phenomena  under one discipline) without first approaching simpler phenomena (sub-disciplines), no distinguishing lines are made between them, whether only arbitrary and ambiguous or not, resulting in obscurity, misunderstanding, and the inertia of progression towards a Theory of Psi.

Professor Emerita at the University of Alternative Studies. A process-oriented qualitative researcher in the area of psychic experiences. An author of 6 books including university-level textbooks, and various technical papers on psychic experiences. A distinguished expert in Scientific Parapsychology and Clinical Parapsychology.

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