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Stopping Objects In Motion – Psychokinesis PK


“I can stop objects from moving. What psychokinetic influence am I using?”

When asked this question, my first response is typically to suggest that the individual takes my free psychical profiling assessment to pin down the type of psychokinetic influence being utilized.

However, if the individual’s results suggest more than one form, such as Autokinesis (the psychical influence of energy in general), or Atmokinesis ( the psychical influence of meteorological phenomena), an outdoor experiment may be the only solution to pin down the exact type of influence.

For these experiments, the experient of the psychokinetic phenomena will need a lawn pinwheel, an anemometer to test for aerokinetic-based wind velocity effects, and a digital outdoor thermometer to measure for thermokinetic effects, just to start.

If neither of these meters picks up on the influence type, the experient may need to devise a controlled laboratory experiment involving more complex, and often more costly, types of measurement devices.

However, while some individuals appear limited to one type of influence over others, many individuals experience many types of influence over the course of their lives. In the end, while some find it more comforting to know what type of influence there are utilizing, it is not always necessary to know initially, as in time, utilizing multiple types of experiments may reveal the influence type.

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