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Pyrokinesis Course

Overview of Paraphysics - Course #1

Psi is an all encompassing term for extrasensory perception and psychokinesis combined. The term "Psi-Gamma" is typically used to refer to ESP, and "Psi-Kappa" is the term typically used for PK. (More info)


Psi Modeling or models in regards to psi are separated into two main categories:

  1. The basic physical mechanism or psi mediation.
  2. The psychological aspects of how and when human beings are able to utilize psi or the experiential phase of psi. 

There have been many types of models constructed throughout the history of parapsychology including theoretical and hypothetical models. As to the role of psi, it is best to view psi as an ability, or feature, in which is bound to an individual human being as a function of his or her personality in the broadest sense of that term.


The Role of Psi


Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics (QM) is briefly defined as a body of scientific principles describing the behavior of matter and its interactions on both the atomic and subatomic scales. QMs development, a revolution in physical theory, is the result of physicist coming to terms with the limitations of classical physics. The principles of QM are difficult for the human mind to comprehend. This is mainly in part by the fact that humans are accustomed to reasoning in regards to the world on a scale where classical physics is an exceptional approximation.

QM is counterintuitive, and in the words of Richard P. Feynman, a founder of quantum electrodynamics (QED), I hope you can accept Nature as She is absurd. Many fundamental components of the universe exhibit wave-particle duality where their behavior is in some ways particle-like and in other ways wave-like, such as photons (discrete packages of light). In regards to electromagnetic radiation, the laws of QM predict such energies, colors, and spectral intensities.


Psi Mediation: The Physics of Psi


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Overview of Parapsychology - Course #2

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Cognitive Science


Experiential Phase of Psi Psi Neuroscience and Psychology


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Overview of Pyrokinesis - Course #3

Pyrokinesis Pyrokinesis is the psychical influence of propelling charged particles to high speeds, typically electrons because of their light weight, via an experients own electrical fields or through the remote influence of similar fields. Experients act as low energy particle accelerators whereby increasing the temperature of systems, or objects, that are not in thermodynamic equilibrium. Increased temperatures can lead to object phase changes via the physical processes of melting/fusion or boiling, or result in smoldering or flaming combustion. Pyrokinesis is also the psychical influence of energy flow in regards to heat.

In the case of heat emission, the raised temperature of the system [heat] spontaneously flows from the experient, or remote source, in the direction of the system as long as the system is cooler than the experient as per the second law of thermodynamics. In the case of heat absorption, heat flows from a system, which has a higher temperature, towards the direction of an experient of a lower temperature. In either case, when a thermal connection is made, such as radiation or conduction, the experient and system will exchange internal energy until their temperatures are equalized; that is, until they reach thermodynamic equilibrium.

Pyrokinesis The Physics

More Free Resources: Resource Center - Pyrokinesis


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Overview of Psychical Profiling - Course #4line

Psychical Profiling consists of analyzing the various characteristics possessed by experients of specific psychical phenomena and means by which to understand, enhance and control those phenomena. Developed by metaphysicist Theresa M. Kelly, MsD., the following profiles consist of an array of characteristics and attributes invariably exhibited by select types of experients.


The following assessment singly analyzes the behavioral characteristics of psychical experients and will propose the most likely category an experient appertains.

Sign-up What Psychic or Psychokinetic Ability Type Are You?



Colorization Profiling


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Books & Certificate

The following are recommended Books and papers for continuing your studies in Pyrokinesis. Please scroll down to download the certificate for course completion.


1. Paper - An Introduction to Pyrokinesis

  • Manual of Pyrokinesis: Applications, Experimentation, and Measurement - by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.

Book Description
In this paper, the author addresses Pyrokinesis: the psychical influence of propelling charged particles to high speeds, and of energy flow in regards to heat. In addition, she addresses popular misconceptions in regards to mechanical and dynamical limitations, sub-form confusion, and psychosomatic symptoms in regards to thermoception. She addresses limitations of influence including heat conduction vs. radiation, vaporization vs. melting, flame vs. flameless combustion, and higher vs. lower temperatures, she touches on commonly reported symptomatic effects in regards to experients of pyrokinesis including injuries (e.g. burns) caused by increased heat in the hands and feet, spontaneous heating and combustion of objects, and spontaneous self-thermoregulation, and briefly addresses fire classification and safety in regards to fire and increased heat exposure.

In addition, she addresses practical career applications in regards to pyrokinetic phenomena. (e.g. therapeutic, emergency, scientific, and philosophical), and discuss experimental applications including indoor thermal influence, vaporization and boiling, fusion/melting, smoldering combustion, and flaming combustion with suggestions on measurement techniques and devices. The paper also includes 6 types of measurement sheets for scientific experimentation.

Digital Edition


2. Book - An Introduction to Psychokinetic Phenomena

  • Quantum Psychics - Scientifically Understand, Control and Enhance Your Psychic Ability (2nd Edition) - by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.

Book Description
This pioneering 2nd Edition book, written by bestselling author and professor, Theresa M. Kelly, MsD., utilizes an extensive list of new scientific research studies to reveal how the laws of physics do not have to be rewritten to explain how psychic abilities work. These research studies consist of initiatives in parapsychology, psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, and related single and interdisciplinary fields. The author reveals the how's, the why's, and the when's of psychic potential and practice, and exposes it all from extrasensory perception (ESP) to psychokinesis (PK).

This book includes a wide collection of detailed and practical techniques, exercises, and experiments, designed for beginners, laypersons, and professional researchers, as stepping stones to assist the reader in their search for psychic control and development. For enhanced psychic performance and measurement, the author warns and informs the reader of the many misconceptions and myths that are preventing them from achieving their true psychic potential, and illuminates the true, raw, quantum nature of psychic phenomena. This book uncovers the many personality traits linked with specific psychic experiences, facilitating the reader in discovering their exact psychic type. Let this book be your guide through the detailed scientific framework that takes a unique holistic approach to psychic understanding, control, and enhancement and bridges the gap between physics and metaphysics.

Digital Edition Paperback Edition


Certificate of Course Completion

Upon the completion of this course you can download and print your course completion certificate for free. This certificate is awarded as honorary by for the completion of our Pyrokinesis Course. Again, this certificate is honorary and is not a professional certification or degree of any kind. This certificate is not accredited by any accrediting agency and is purely for your own recognition and record of course completion and a job very well done!


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Featured Course: Pyrokinesis Course

  • Introduction to Scientific Pyrokinetics - This 2 month professional course offers an in-depth look at Pyrokinetic influence through quantum mechanics, paraphysics, biophysics, aerodynamics, thermal physics, and meteorology for the layperson. All study materials are included and upon completion a UAS certificate is conferred.

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