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Here at, we offer many types of free courses and resources designed to direct experients of, and those with interests regarding, psychic phenomena towards comparable scientific principles and theories. We offer these free courses and resources as a means to promote practical alternative and scientific applications of psychic phenomena with confidence in the importance of utilizing the investigative mode of the established sciences in order to inquire into the authenticity and to potentially explain the nature of psychic phenomena. We believe that with a greater emphasis upon practical applications of psychic phenomena, improvement can be accomplished towards parapsychology’s (i.e. psychic science) reception among other scientists and the scientific community via innovative concepts and methods of experimentation.


The University of Alternative Studies

These courses are adaptations offered by The University of Alternative Studies in which offers Introductory Courses and Bachelor of Science Degree Programs for an array of psychical (consciousness) studies. QP courses are ideal for those who may not wish to earn a degree or receive a certificate of course completion in said studies, or are simply looking free resources to expand their knowledge-base. In addition, our courses provided opportunities for students to study alternative fields in a distance learning and online format for personal, educational, or professional advancement.


Some Courses Are Still in Development

Even before a course is completed, you will be able to view a great deal of associated materials. Each one of our courses has at least some, to a great deal of materials already listed. Courses will be finalized along with UAS degree and certification programs in the years to come. Honorary course completion certificates are available for download for all courses. We encourage all of our students to sign up for our Newsletter to keep an eye out for added relative content.


Some of Our Current Students

Name Course Level Gender Education Occupation Country
Mohammed Q.
Telepathic Studies Basic Male Post Grad Medical Technology Jerusalem
Clare Lewis
Precognitive Studies Basic Female Grad / Prof.
Business Owner
Evans Sila
Telepathic Studies Advanced Male
Forex Trader
Elsabe McCallum Telepathic Studies Basic Female College Field Representative So. Africa
Aretha Del Rosario Biokinetic Studies Basic Female College Architect Philippines
Diego Cosmo Clairvoyant Studies Advanced Male Post Grad Entrepreneur USA
Jan Watts Remote Viewing Stu. General Female Post Grad Clinical Social Work USA
Aaron W. Hydrokinetic Studies Basic Male High School U.S. Marine USA
Roberta Downing Precognitive Studies Basic Female Doctoral College Student USA
Scott Crane Umbrakinetic Studies Basic Male Doctoral Student UK
Carla Goddard Biokinetic Studies Basic Female Grad/Pro Metaphysician USA
Julio Ramirez Zeron Electrokinetic Studies Advanced Male Grad/Pro Lawyer Mexico
Marianne Morse Clairvoyant Studies General Female High School Secretary Canada
Sara Walters Empathic Studies General Female College Human Resources USA
Kyle Smith Electrokinetic Studies General Male College Engineer Philippines
Durr-e Nazeem Biokinetic Studies General Female Post Grad Student Pakistan
Jemima Pascoe Medium Studies General Female College Senior Staff Nurse UK
Jayce Wheeler Telekinetic Studies General Male High School Student NZ
Ahmed Abdulbary Astral Studies Advanced Male College Energy Treatment Iraq
Sol Danmeri Lumokinetic Studies Basic Male College Spiritual Life Coach UK
Kirsten Oliver Medium Studies Basic Female High School


So. Africa
Arafat Hanif Levitational Studies General Male In College Student India


Some of our Graduates

Name Course Level Gender Education Occupation Country
Girish Bhatt Clairvoyant Studies Basic Male Doctoral Business UK
Jenny Fagan Empathic Studies Advanced Female College Web Development USA
Girish S. Bhatt Clairvoyant Studies Basic Male Doctoral Business UK
Margaret Burns Biokinetic Studies Basic Female College Nursery Nurse UK
Andresito Libao Remote Viewing Stu. Basic Male College Mentor Philippines
Leslie Burns Biokinetic Studies Advanced Male College Bookkeeper UK


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