How Do I Stop? (Type Blue)

The Main Reasons Negative Experiences Happen to Type Blues

Because you can’t, or you suddenly had an increased need to: Engage in meaningful communication and relationships. You are struggling with controlling, maintaining, maneuvering, speeding up, and directing yourself, others, and/or organizations to communicate and cooperate in the pursuance of goals. In other words, you either cannot, or have a sudden increased need to……

  • Feel secure and guarded against the dishonesty, mistreatment, and injustice of external influences.
  • Express yourself verbally and effectively communicate your emotions, opinions, and expectations to others.
  • Troubleshoot in order to determine quality and solve core problems.
  • Improvise and act or react instantly and without preparation.
  • Convince and influence others to cooperate with direction or demands.

Things that may keep you from recovering:

What you can do to stop your negative experiences:

  • Mindful journaling (write about how you feel, write about what you are grateful and thankful for, and write about the present and the present only).
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence
  • Get serious about managing your anger, and take a good long look at your risky behaviors.
  • Use Relaxation Methods daily (e.g. music therapy – guitar/other string instruments)
  • Spend more time thinking creatively, and shift your career or a hobby to include regular problem-solving and strategy challenges.
  • Regular physical activity is very important (e.g. swimming, dance, cycling, walking).
  • Remove people from your life for a little while that cause you to feel worried or afraid or that feed into your fears and worries.

If you are depressed, then you will need to seek counseling for your depression to treat your negative psychic experiences. If you are experiencing social anxiety, or generalized anxiety, again, you will need to seek counseling to stop your negative psychic experiences entirely. If your symptoms are all in the “Conflict” column, you may be able to stop your negative psychic experiences with everything mentioned above. However, if some or all of your symptoms are in the “Withdraw” column, you need to seek a mental health professional to help you deal with the mental health issues making your psychic experiences so intense and negative.



You are having a lot of, or really intense, negative psychic experiences during social activities.  you are having trouble telling the difference between your own  feelings and emotions and the feelings and emotions of other people. The feelings and emotions you pick up on from others makes you feel all jumbled and confused. The same is true for them with your feelings and emotions. You no longer have a social life.  You either have to work from home or home-school because of your negative psychic experiences. You are having a lot of, or really intense, negative psychic experiences. The information you receive is VERY intense, confusing, and impossible to understand. When you are around other people they become very confused.

You emotionally over react and others tend to over react around you.

You and those around you have very strong negative and anxious emotions. You also feel guilty because you only seem to be making things worse for yourself or others.

You have a loss of energy (mental, emotional, physical).

You have no motivation, difficulties with memory, concentration, you wake up feeling tired, and are VERY tired all of the time.

Your negative psychic experiences lead to  social anxiety in you and heightened stress and anxiety in others.

You feel disconnected and detached from the world, are depressed, have manic episodes, and may have panic attacks.

Your negative psychic experiences happen every now and again.

Your negative psychic experiences happen every now and again or feel like they never stop.

You either cant control your experiences, or have very little control over them. If you try to have a psychic experience on purpose, you probably have no control over it once they start.

You have no control over your psychic experiences.

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