Professional Profile

Theresa M. Kelly, MsD. | Metaphysicist

Current & Future Projects

Listed below are Prof. Kelly's future and current projects. Included are her efforts towards the University of Alternative Studies and publications including upcoming books either in the works our outlined.


University of Alternative Studies - Program in Development

The University of Alternative Studies was initially launched in 2009 with certifications and associate degree programs in several psychical studies. The University’s’ programs were suspended in 2010 to be rewritten as bachelor and masters degree programs and professional certification programs per public request. Each program has an associated textbook written by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD. Bachelor programs have been offered since 2011 in scientific parapsychology sub-disciplines. New study tracks are offered as associated textbooks are completed. Deadlines are not set for publications, therefore program openings do not have defined launch dates. The first program offered was in Telepathic Studies and Scientific Telepathology, and the second in Clairvoyant Studies and Scientific Clairvoyantology, followed by Empathic Studies and Scientific Empathology. Masters degree programs are currently in development and consist of one study focus (Clinical Parapsychology). Individual courses in parapsychology and paraphysics are also being offered.

Programs In Development -

  • M.S. Second-Degree Program in Extrasensory Experiences & Phenomena with a Clinical Focus.

  • Advanced Professional Certification Program in Extrasensory Experiences & Phenomena with a Clinical Focus.

New Editions of Telepathy, Clairvoyance, & Empathy Textbooks

  • To include new research, glossaries, more images, etc.


Center for Exceptional Human Experiences (CEHE)

This centers mission is to offer international online self-study parapsychology/parascience courses for the general public similar to those offered in person by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD. Courses will include a wide range of media. The first course in development is for individuals who are experiencing a Psychic Crisis. Topics will include those critical to resolving such crises regardless of the assumed cause. Courses will be designed in a step-by-step manner and will be designed appropriately to benefit both youth and adults. Prices for courses will be moderate, and may include the option to subscribe monthly for additional benefits. Prof. Kelly will be looking for other experts in the field of parapsychology/paraphysics who desire to compose and offer their own self-study courses through CEHE. This project will only be on the drawing board until after M.S. and Advanced Cert. Programs have been completed for the University of Alternative Studies.



Psychical Profiling Books (8) - What's Your Psychic Type?

Building short books (about 200p. each) per the 8 psychical profiling types (8 books) to replace the 16 psychical profiling reports (20-25p.). These will be written for the general public (simplified/very little jargon) and set up as how-to manuals for getting relief from distressing extrasensory and psychokinetic experiences and enhancing positive and useful psychic experiences, with each including mini assessments, where general information would be repeated in each book followed by specific type information.

While technically the information for the psychical profiling (relief and enhancement) books (8) already exists, it needs to be simplified for the general public ages 14+. While this will not be a terrible challenge, what I feel I need to do, based on client response, is to write each book in that correlated personality learning style. Which means I’ll be starting with Type Gray (INT/Clairvoyant Simulation) my own writing style (detailed, concise, statistics, more textual than visual, logic-based, focused more on practical career applications) and ending with Type White (ENF/Telepathic Cognition) (simplified, information in small bites, more visual than textual, intuitive-based, focused more on practical social applications). They will be written one-by-one, but will likely be released at the same time both digitally and physically as paperbacks. This project is already in progress.

The books will be internationally distributed via many online bookstores, in digital format and paperback through QP, Amazon, and B&N.

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