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Theresa M. Kelly, MsD. | Metaphysicist

Psychical Research

Prof. Kelly is the Director of Research and Development for QPPResearch based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Prof. Kelly is an independent process-orientated parapsychological researcher. Her area of research is primarily focused on first-person and third-person accounts of spontaneous ESP and PK cases resulting from chronic stress and crisis situations; the psychological approach to psi phenomenology and profiling. Her research is conducted through a series of in-person sessions, sometimes over the course of many years, and only during active research periods.

QPPResearch peruses active research with confidence in the importance of utilizing the investigative mode of the established sciences in order to inquire into the authenticity and to potentially explain the nature of psychical phenomena. Prof. Kelly believes that with a greater emphasis uon practical applications of psychical phenomena, improvement can be accomplished towards parapsychology’s reception among other scientists and the scientific community via innovative methods of observation and classification.


QPPResearch is not supported and does not receive funding from any form of corporate or government institution. Almost all information available regarding volunteer research will be accessible through this website or through publications linked through this website. If anyone requires any additional information or has any questions pertaining to general research, volunteering for an active study, or how to donate  services, or funds to QPPR, they can send their questions or information request via email at [email protected]



The aim of this research is to investigate the various characteristics possessed by experients of specific psychical phenomena and means by which to understand, enhance, and control these phenomena. Information collected is through over 15 years of interdisciplinary research in Parapsychology/Paraphysics, Color Psychology, and Personality Psychology. This information is compiled into a series of 16 Psychical Profiling Reports. Each report include an Introduction to Psychical-Psychological Profiling, a Full Length Profile on correlated Personality Traits Behavioral Characteristics, and In-Depth, Semi-Technical Profiles on correlated Extrasensory Perception-Based, and Psychokinesis-Based, psychical phenomena including Primaries, Auxiliaries, Features, Stages, Orientations, etc.

Profiling Methodology -

Our methodology  initially consisted of  simply analyzing personality and psychical experiences. Last year we lined up our profiling method to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The assessment has always been an 80 question assessment, and has been repeatedly fine tuned throughout the years. The assessment is designed to look at where an individual focuses there attention, how they gather information, how they make decisions, and how they deal with the world around them, which all appears to tie into psychical experiences.

Psychical Profiling Research Report Description -

These reports are designed for individuals from all walks of life who want to discover a new dimension and extension of their instinctive personality and behavioral abilities. These reports are based on over 14 years of interdisciplinary research in Parapsychology/Paraphysics, Color Psychology, and Personality Psychology. These reports include comprehensive information not only designed to reveal an individuals psychical ability, but to identify through what daily motivations the individual already accesses these elegant and otherwise elusive psychical influences. Not only is psychical ability enhanced through daily motivations, but so to are motivations enhanced through the daily utilization of psychical ability. In other words, These reports presents an avenue of potential and an avenue towards success in all aspects of human living including allowing individuals to increase their self-knowledge, whereby allowing them the chance to utilize psychical ability to facilitate the achievement of their goals and dreams.

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