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Battery Charging

Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


Professor of Scientific Parapsychology, Researcher, Technical Author

Telekinesis is the psychical influence of electromagnetism and electromagnetic fields and the affected behavior and motion of electrically charged particles (objects) vicinal to electromagnetic fields under experient influence.

In this type of experiment, experients are encouraged to charge rechargeable batteries and monitor their performance with a quality battery charge tester.

Once this has been achieved, experients of stable phenomena are encouraged to work with battery operated electrical devices with rechargeable batteries. Experients should certify that the batteries they are attempting to recharge are indeed incapable of allowing the device to operate (dead).

Common device usage includes remote controls and cell phones as they can fulfill a habitual need to charge. For experients who tend to drain energy, rather than charge, attempts this experiment in reverse utilizing the same or simlilar devices.

Experiments for charging should be conducted when the experient is fully awake and after eating. Experiments for draining should be conducted when the experient is tired/sleepy and before eating (e.g. in the evening after work prior to eating, or first thing in the morning prior to eating breakfast).



(Adapted from the paper "Quantum Psychics: Scientifically Understand, Control, & Enhance Your Psychic Ability” by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.)


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