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Electromagnetic and Static Fields

Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


Professor of Scientific Parapsychology, Researcher, Technical Author

Telekinesis is the psychical influence of electromagnetism and electromagnetic fields and the affected behavior and motion of electrically charged particles (objects) vicinal to electromagnetic fields under experient influence.

An EMF and ESF meter, or detector, is a scientific instrument designed to measure the voltage of objects, or in this experiments case, experients without the need of electric charge transfer. This experiment method is ideal for experients who tend to specialize in static electrical or electromagnetic field influence rather than electrical current flow.

This meter can accurately measure the surface potential (voltage) of an experient without making physical contact, whereby eliminating the need for electrostatic charge transfer or loading of the voltage source.

Many voltage measurements cannot be made using conventional contacting voltmeters because they require charge transfer, whereby causing loading and modification to the charge of the experient.

In other words, any measurement method that requires charge transfer will modify or destroy the actual data. The majority of these meters measure the electromagnetic radiation flux density (DC or direct current) or the charge in an electromagnetic field over time (AC or alternating current).

For this experiment, an experient will be focusing on direct current. Ideally, the experient will want to obtain an EMF and ESF meter that can detect changes in extremely weak static (DC) electric and magnetic fields with a feature that allows simultaneous monitoring of electric and magnetic fields.

Ideally, an experient will want to obtain a meter that is designed to ignore appliances and other manufactured EMF sources, whereby eliminating nearly all false positives and negatives otherwise produced by EMF meters.

The magnetic range of the meter should be 0 to 100 Microteslas or 0 to 1,000 mG (milliGauss) - 1 Microtesla = 10 milliGauss - Resolution = 2.5 mG, and the electrical range of the meter should be 0 to 1,000 V / m - Resolution = 3 V / m.



(Adapted from the paper "Quantum Psychics: Scientifically Understand, Control, & Enhance Your Psychic Ability” by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.)


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