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Applications of Quantum Mechanics in Psychology, Neurologic, and Psychiatric Sciences

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This course is set up as a free open course entitled Applications of Quantum Mechanics in Psychology, Neurologic, and Psychiatric Sciences. This course is ideal for graduate students and scholars in psychology, medicine, and psychiatry. The aim of the course is to provide specialization on some advances that have been reached in the past few years in the field of quantum cognition. The course is divided in three semesters. There are no exams or certifications associated with this course. Sign-up is not required. All course material can be found via the links below, or you can download them here.

Disclaimer: is not affiliated with the authors of course materials in any way. This course simply links to papers and books in the public domain. This course should not be confused with the Quantum Cognition Program offered by the School of Advanced International Studies for Applied Theoretical and Non Linear Methodologies of Physics.


First Semester

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience

Introduction to Psychophysiology

Basic Foundations of Quantum Mechanics by Clifford Algebra


Second Semester

Quantum Mechanics in Psychology

Explanation of Consciousness by Quantum Mechanics

Quantum-like Processing of Information in the Brain


Third Semester

Quantum Cognition and the theory of Concepts according to Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Theoretical Explanation for Human Probability Judgment Errors & Question Order Effects

Quantum Entanglement and its Perspectives in Psychology and Neuroscience

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