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"With confidence in the importance of utilizing the investigative mode of the established sciences in order to inquire into the authenticity and to potentially explain the nature of psychical phenomena."

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Spirit Guides
Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


Professor of Scientific Parapsychology, Researcher, Technical Author

The method utilized by experients of mediumistic phenomena to communicate with immaterial entities is comprehensible via the convergence of the mechanics and laws pertaining to universal law, a universal information system, and the experient.

Since universal law and the universal information system is theoretical, so too are their and the experients natural laws and mechanics.

Many mediums report one spirit guide that exclusively works with them throughout their lifetime. Whether the guide has more than one charge at a time is debatable, but the majority of mediums report one single guide from childhood until later years.

These guides not only assist in connecting mediums with other entities, but they are reported to assist the medium through many levels of spiritual and psychical development. Many mediums describe a seemingly “telepathic” link between them and their guide, while others seek divinational methods such as the tarot to communicate.

A spirit guide hierarchy is a theoretical concept in which the organization of branches are unknown. Reports suggest each branch of guides report to another branch of entities continuously up the latter of government, whereby the first level of entities [spirit guides] are exclusively employed to serve the living human populous.

Some reports suggest higher-level branches of entities occasionally interacting with the living human populous. The relationship between a medium and their guide is assumed either providential, as if connected through divine mediation with no known correlates, or ancestry.

Many mediums report working with guides that were formally employed to serve a grandparent or other form of ancestor while some report a grandparent or another form of ancestor as the identity of their guide. 



(Adapted from the book “Clairvoaynce: A Quantum Approach -Psychical Influence of Information & Anomalous Communication with Immaterial Entities” by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.)


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