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Mediumistic Search-Based System Model
Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


Professor of Scientific Parapsychology, Researcher, Technical Author

The method I assume utilized by experients of mediumistic phenomena to communicate with Nature or immaterial entities is comprehensible via the convergence of the mechanics and laws pertaining to universal law and the medium.

Implied in the mechanics of mediumistic phenomena is the mediums ability to “search” for information within Nature or “call” for a specific entity to communicate with them through the initiation of anomalous thought or information transference.

Mediums in which communicate with spirit guides report what appears to them as an open-connection, whereby eliminating search and call requirements.

Other mediums have reported a closed-connection, whereby eliminating the search requirement, but still necessitating the call requirement. Search and call requirements appear to be subset features within and maintained by Nature, which is assumed capable of operations such as spatially locating entities and remotely connecting mediums to the located entity.

The location of the entity is assumed cross-referenced with Natures real-time “visuo-spatial records” and Nature may or may not act as a medium, or channel, of communication between the medium and located entity.

In the case of reports made by experients of mediumistic phenomena in which locate entities, but cannot successfully connect, does not seem to imply erroneous behavior on Natures behalf, but rather the medium.

Mediums appear to require seemingly absolute focus in the midst of an array of sensory distractions to connect successfully. Mediums also appear to require call acknowledgment and approval on the entities behalf before a connection is made successfully.



(Adapted from the book “Clairvoaynce: A Quantum Approach -Psychical Influence of Information & Anomalous Communication with Immaterial Entities” by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.)


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