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The Stages of Clairvoyant Simulation
Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


Professor of Scientific Parapsychology, Researcher, Technical Author

Clairvoyance is the psychical influence of a hypothetical objective environment I call the universal information system, or Nature, which I assume is capable of storing, retaining, and recalling information pertaining to the past and current states of objects and events, involved in the interim integration, processing, shifting, and retrieval of information pertaining to objects and events in real-time, and probabilistically determining the potential trajectory of future events.

In regards to intentional clairvoyant simulation techniques, several stages are assumed to exist through which the clairvoyant simulator shares information with Nature. During spontaneous (non-intentional) clairvoyant simulation, these processes are assumed to run automatically by the subconscious.

However, since the processes are run subconsciously, there is no conscious directive. To obtain a level of conscious direction, the clairvoyant simulator is assumed to require achieving each step in order to perform successfully.

  1. Stage 1 of the clairvoyant simulative process involves initiation, i.e. the clairvoyant simulator recognizes his or her need for sharing information consciously, and therefore subconsciously.

  2. Stage 2 involves physical interaction, i.e. Nature physically interacts with the clairvoyant simulator.

  3. Stage 3 in regards to input clairvoyant simulative processes involves psychophysical interaction, i.e. the clairvoyant simulators measure (becomes aware) of the shared information. This awareness includes the shared information, but not the source of the information (i.e. is unaware that the information shared is from another source other than the self).

  4. Stage 3 in regards to output clairvoyant simulative processes involves physical interaction, negotiation, and request fulfillment, i.e. Nature measures (becomes aware) of the clairvoyant simulators need for an accommodating effect, negotiates the effect (i.e. Nature analyzes and determines whether the effect is advantageous and capable of being processed) and if acceptable, fulfills the request.

Clairvoyant simulation can include a simulated emotional state, lead to altered behavior, result in content-simulation such as a shared visual image or other forms of information, or result in an accommodating physical effect in the environment.



(Adapted from the book Clairvoyance: A Quantum Approach by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.)


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