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Water - The Most Commonly Influence Liquid

Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


Professor of Scientific Parapsychology, Researcher, Technical Author

Hydrokinesis is defined as the psychokinetic ability to influence the flow of liquids via either mental influence or an experients own natural electric or electromagnetic fields, primarily in the hands.

In regards to this phenomena, the most common form of liquid influenced is water. The reason for this could be the direct result of availability and or certain properties that other liquids do not posses.

These unique and uncommon properties include differences in hydrogen bonding due to either an inability to donate or accept hydrogen or due to steric effects in bulky residues, which may affect the molecule's preferred shape and reactivity.

Although hydrogen bonding is a relatively weak attraction compared to the covalent bonds within the water molecule, it is responsible for a number of water's physical properties. In addition, water shows the anomalous behavior of thermodynamic, kinetic, and structural properties unlike other molecules.

Chemically speaking, water is amphoteric allowing it to have the properties of both an acid and a base. While there are an array of differences in regards to the properties possessed by water that other forms of liquid do not posses this could be the reason water is a more commonly influenced liquid than any other.

Unfortunately, like fluid dynamics, hydrokinesis is an active field of research with many unsolved or partly solved problems.



(Adapted from the paper "Manual of Hydrokinesis: Applications, Experimentation, and Measurement” by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.)


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