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Memory Efficiency and Telepathic Reception

Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


Professor of Scientific Parapsychology, Researcher, Technical Author

Telepathy is the psychical influence of thought via experient influence over the biological basis of consciousness and the mental process by which we perceive, act, learn and remember; Including mental forms and processes such as the nervous system in which processes and transmits information by electrochemical signaling.

Telepathists can train their mind to act efficiently when extrasensory information is being retrieved. Training can include techniques such as recalling sequences of digits, two-digit numbers, alphabetic letters, or playing cards. To recall the sequences, the telepathist must retrace the route, “stop” at each locus (e.g. part of the sequence), and “observe” the factor (e.g. number).

A telepathist can increase difficulty by incorporating images into sequences. Using the method of loci (a spatial learning strategy), a telepathist with average memorization capabilities, post-establishment of route stop-points and committing the associated images to long-term memory with less than an hour of practice, can remember the entire sequence of a deck of cards.

Increased efforts have lead to individuals capable of memorizing 1040 random digits in as little as a half hour. Telepathists should always keep in mind that it is their “mind” that is the tool they are utilizing to perform. The more efficient the tool, the more the telepathist will achieve. In either case, spontaneous or intentional telepathy, the memory of the telepathist is vital to performance.

Parapsychological research suggests that extrasensory information is received either unconsciously (e.g. in dreams) or subconsciously to be later consciously “known” or be “known and later recalled” (e.g. intuition and hallucination). If this is true, then an increase in the telepathist’s memory should result in the increase of usable information obtained via telepathic processes, which has continually been in correlation with my research findings.

The memory of a telepathist can also be improved through simple lifestyle changes such as incorporating the aforementioned memory technique, healthy eating, physical fitness, and stress reduction into their daily lives. To insure memory functionality in later years, experients should be encouraged to stay intellectually active through learning, training, or reading. Experients of all ages should keep physically active as to promote blood circulation to the brain, socialize, reduce stress, keep sleep time regular, avoid depression or emotional instability, and to observe healthy eating habits. 



(Adapted from the book “Telepathy: A Quantum Approach” by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.)


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