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"With confidence in the importance of utilizing the investigative mode of the established sciences in order to inquire into the authenticity and to potentially explain the nature of psychical phenomena."

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Ganzfeld Simulation Telepathy Experiment

Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.


Professor of Scientific Parapsychology, Researcher, Technical Author

The Ganzfeld experimental setup uses homogeneous and non-patterned sensory stimulation to produce an effect similar to sensory deprivation. Such experiments have yielded significant empirical evidence of extrasensory perception, in fact, the strongest quantifiable evidence for telepathy to date.

Under the Ganzfeld procedure, structured visual stimulation is excluded by placing halves of ping-pong balls over the closed eyes of the receiver. Once placed, a soft red light is directed at the halved ping-pong balls. In addition, structured auditory stimulation is excluded via the presentation of electronic noise (e.g. soft and continual radio static) through a pair of headphones.

The receiver lies on a mattress or in a reclining chair to become habituated in addition to a uniform level of tactile and proprioceptive stimulation. After a half hour has passed, the telepathy test should be commenced (e.g. the sender should view the visual target and the receiver should voice their impressions).

Based on my correlations between light and different forms of telepathy, experiments involving telepathic cognitives as senders may be more successful when utilizing soft white light verses red, and experiments involving telepathic simulators as senders may be more successful when utilizing soft purple or violet light.


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(Adapted from the book Telepathy: A Quantum Approach by Theresa M. Kelly, MsD.)


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