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Visual Imagery and Object Meditation


Visual imagery can range from concentrating on a visual image mentally, to observing a physical image and allowing the thoughts, ideas, and emotions that image evokes to pass by, to guided visual meditation where a teacher guides the practitioner through a series of descriptions of scenes for the practitioner to construct mentally.

Therefore, visual imagery meditation can be utilized in concentration or mindful meditation. Visual meditation can also assist in pain reduction, increased healing time, and reduce stress, anxiety and various other forms of tension.

This method of meditation is typically utilized 15-20 minutes per day, with or without brief usage throughout the day. This form of meditation may be easier for those who find mindful or concentration exclusive meditation challenging, as this form of meditation can shift between the two.

Physical objects are commonly utilized in concentration meditation, though some types of objects, those of a rhythmic or hypnotic nature, can be advantageous for mindful meditation as a means to induce a free-floating mindset.

Meditation objects commonly utilized include:

  • a picture
  • a flower
  • a candle flame
  • a symbol
  • a color or colored object associated with their personality type
  • a statue
  • the smell of incense
  • the sound of dripping water from a fountain

Objects such as a candle flame or the sound of dripping water can induce a trance meditative state, which makes them ideal for mindful meditation. Static (still) objects are often more advantageous for concentration mediation as they typically do not induce a trance meditative state. Rather, the still quality of these objects provides for a more efficient attentional focus.

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