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Psychic Types and Myers-Briggs


As similar to the Myers-Briggs personality types, psychical personality types are not “pure” types. This is to say that many lean towards two to three different types more often then they exactly fit one particular type. It should also be mentioned that because there are not pure types, MBTI results (a single type) might not reflect the result of a psychical assessment result (single type). This can be the result of several conflictions such as;

  1. The Myers-Briggs type may be the second or third highest score in the psychical assessment results.
  2. The experient is unable to consider the top three possible types of their MBTI result as only one type is typically given.
  3. The experient has deviated from their MBTI result (if taken some time before the psychical assessment).

In the probable case of the latter, I encourage experients to re-take the MBTI (this can be done online) to see if they still score the same result. The chance of an experient scoring a different type year to year (sometimes even as little as day to day) is quite high, but of course this is not always the case.

Psychological testing is not an exact science, so any variation of psychical testing is not either. Just as one’s personality changes over time, so to does ones psychical experiences. While a specific form of psychical experiences may present itself under the same generalized definition throughout an experients life, it can, and does, take on different aspects and functions throughout.

Nothing is certain, and nothing remains the same in regards to psychical phenomena. This is in part because the psychological system and physiological system are linked to the psychical system, subjecting psychical experience to psycho-physiological interference and fluctuation.

To assume psychical experiences are not subject to fluctuation would be to assume that psychical experiences are the direct result of classical (physical or deterministic) experiences that are not subject to time and therefore change.

However, studies in parapsychology, neurology, and quantum mechanics suggest that psychical phenomena or consciousness in general, is subject to time and does exist at the quantum level, where the only thing that is certain is uncertainty.

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