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Psychic & Psychological Profiling


Psychological profiling consists of analyzing data collected from experients of specific psychical phenomena to reveal correlations in personality and in over all psychological health (e.g. psychological history of the experient and the experients immediate family, and present and future concerns).

In parapsychology, typical psychological profiling methods are limited to assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Defense Mechanism Test (DMT).

Research involving these tests reveals that extroversive personality traits appear more psychically conducive than introversive traits, and that neuroticism negatively correlates with psychical performance. Basically that (a) Relaxation is psi-conducive, and (b) Positive, care-free moods are more psi-conducive than drifting and anxious moods.

However, my personality profiling research targets more specific traits and interests (e.g. mentation, creativity, feelings, values, disposition, and non-psi associated beliefs). 

This perspective has lead me to find that mild introversive traits can improve performance (e.g. in experients of postcognition and umbrakinesis), but only when tested in an environment the experient considers “comfortable” and “safe,” and only when one experimenter is involved.

I have also found that if the mild introversive nature of the experient increases from this point, their performance quality equally decreases.  This perspective has also lead me to correlations between specific psychical phenomena and psychological health conditions. 

Both personality traits and psychological conditions have been placed into 8 Psychic Types along with associated psychical phenomena. In other words, an experient can be assessed based on his/her personality traits and the results will pinpoint what psychical phenomena and psychological conditions the experient may be prone to.

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