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Apparition: An experience usually visual but sometimes in other sense-modalities in which there appears to be present a person or animal (deceased or living) and even inanimate objects such as carriages and other things, who/which is in fact out of the sensory range of the experient; often associated with spontaneous extrasensory perception, for example, in connection with an agent who is dying or undergoing some other crisis (in which case, it is likely to be termed a “crisis apparition,” or in connection with haunting (in which case, it is likely to be referred to in non-technical contexts as a “ghost”) [1]

An apparition is an act or instance of appearing, including:

  • a religious vision such as a Marian apparition; or
  • certain ostensibly paranormal experiences such as Ghosts, Doppelgänger or Bilocation; or
  • any other Apparitional Experience (i.e. anomalous, quasi-perceptual experience).


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