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musicListen to the radio more than your playlist. The radio plays new songs (unless it only plays old hits), while your playlist only plays the same stuff over and over again. Watch new movies, new TV shows, go to new restaurants for lunch or dinner, or at least order something you haven’t yet tried. changeitup

Involve a pet to make things a bit more spontaneous. If you’re indoors or outdoors, involving your pet can be an effective way to be more spontaneous and adventurous (depending on the species of the pet of course). Go where the dog goes, explore what the cat explores. They make the best teachers!

bringapetEngage, explore, AND sense. This means that you shouldn’t just look at what they look at and go where they go. Rather, this means to actively try to see, hear, and smell the world like they do.

Become mindful of the subtle world they always notice, but you rarely do. opensenses

Take up learning new things on a regular basis. Whether it’s taking new classes, reading instructional books, or simply taking 30 minutes out of your day to learn and think about something new, diverightin

timeanddatesTake a class in wood-carving, pottery, archery, kickboxing, whatever sounds interesting to you. There are a number of classes offered at any given time in most communities. Even free classes like yoga or tai chi, or local meetups where someone else plans new creative challenges and adventures and you just show up and go along for the ride.

Reach out and engage with people who are different than you. May be they have different religious beliefs, come from a different social class, have different interests in general, a different occupation, grew up in another country, or maybe their first language isn’t the same as your own.

Hanging out with people who are different than you is a pretty surefire way to keep things new and interesting.

Don’t just try to see their world through their eyes, try to get involved in their world.

This can be a social thing or a charitable thing (example: working with the less fortunate, at risk youth, the homeless, elderly, disabled veterans, disaster relief, working with refuges, and so on).

Not only will non-routine charitable activities keep you on your toes, but it’s also VERY REWARDING. It doesn’t have to be a group thing either, it could be as simple as a little one-on-one time to make someone’s life a little bit better.

If you can’t get involved, then make it your priority to meet at least one new person per day. I know the introvert in you might be cringing right now, but think of all the new stuff you’ll have to think about afterwards, and having new insight into things you probably didn’t even knew existed, let alone thought about. Just come up with an opening line, or broad question, and let things flow from there. “Great weather we’re having, huh?”


  • Get interested and involved in new things, creatively solve problems, and build on your ideas and theories through experiencing these new things.
  • Focus more on your impressions and the meanings or patterns of the information your pick up on; both psychically and non-psychically. Be mindful, be in the moment.
  • Read between the lines, seek out different ideas and possibilities, see the big picture, and then look at the details.



Making sure you don’t get stuck in a routine, and getting yourself back on track when you do (it will happen, a lot), is the real challenge though. This is because while I can make suggestions on how to do this, you’ll be the one who has to critically think your way into making it happen for you.

noonesizefitsallWhether you take up a few little side projects here and there, or infuse your social or career life with these kinds of things, everyone is different; different jobs, hobbies, and interests.

There is no one-size-fits-all for being more open to experiences. You will need to put your creativity, decision-making, and problem-solving skills together to get started and to keep going.

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