free parapsychology courses

Center for Exceptional Human Experiences

Offering FREE Public Education in the Psychic Sciences

Only for those who are in the fields of Parapsychology, Transpersonal Psychology, and other areas of mental health therapy that deal with exceptional experiences, local or online: Please contact CEHE here to be listed.

Please include your Full Name and Title(s), a little bit about yourself, and either a Contact Number/Office Address, Email, or Website (or all of the above). Listing fees are only $50 per year and we accept PayPal. These fees are part of the business model that keep CEHE’s membership, and therefore, classes and courses FREE. So not only do you get listed, you also help support high-quality, public, para-science education. Again, this directory is only for mental health professionals who are looking for clients that have, or believe they are having (positive or negative), exceptional experiences. If you only work with one or a couple types of exceptional experiences, please list which ones to list in the directory.

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