Dissociative Experiences Scale (Brief) - DES-B

3The DES-B will ask you about how often you have experienced different things over the past 7 days. This assessment will suggest specific courses and/or referral for recovery and/or treatment based on your results. This assessment can also be used to track changes in symptoms over time. Questions: 8

Keep in Mind:

This assessment is the Severity of Dissociative Symptoms—Adult (Brief Dissociative Experiences Scale [DES-B]—Modified), which is used by the American Psychological Association, with one question replaced with another from the DES. There are no right or wrong answers, but please be as honest as possible and try not to exaggerate, as this will invalidate your results. This assessment is  recommend for those who scored-  1%  or higher for Dissociation on the Cross-Cutting Symptom Measure, and for those who think they may be experiencing dissociative symptoms, or have been diagnosed with a Dissociative Disorder.

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