NeuroSky Lets Gamers Use Their Brains

Neu­roSky Lets Gamers Use Their Brains

Neu­roSky wants gamers to start using their brains. The start-​​up that spe­cial­izes in tech­nol­ogy to mea­sure brain­waves was at the Elec­tronic Enter­tain­ment Expo here this week show­ing videogame titans how they can go beyond motion-​​sensing con­trols to tap into the power of the mind.

We can sim­u­late ‘The Force’ in a game and you can bend things or lift things by think­ing,” Neu­roSky chief exec­u­tive Stan­ley Yang said, refer­ring to tele­pathic pow­ers used by Jedi knights in “Star Wars” films and books.

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